The Capvest Group

Experts in investment, development and management in the world of real estate

Presentation of the Capvest Group

The Groupe Capvest was founded by Magid Khoury in 2001 with the assumed objective of becoming a recognized player in real estate in Switzerland and internationally as well as carrying a real estate of strong conviction with a high level of architectural requirement.

Investor, developer, and manager, the Capvest Group has thus developed and diversified by offering innovative concepts in residential, tertiary, school, medical real estate, and in recent years as part of large residential or mixed urban operations at the scale of a district.

With more than 50 employees spread across our offices in Geneva, Lisbon and Montreal, Capvest develops ambitious and quality projects with a view to creating value and sustainability; a vision that also applies on a daily basis to our portfolio management activity. We have solid experience at all stages of the value creation chain of a real estate project: acquisition, management, development, marketing, financial structuring

Our value proposition

Our goal is to create value in the real estate projects we carry.

Our objective of value creation, as an investor and developer, has led us to get involved financially in every project we carry out, because we are not simple advisors,
we are true partners and we are committed to our customers and investors.

The achievement of this goal is made possible thanks to the passion and determination of our teams of experts, in Switzerland and abroad, a high level of creativity and a long experience acquired through the development of a multitude of projects managed over the years through different real estate cycles.

The Groupe Capvest adopts a tailor-made approach, taking into account the specificities of each project for optimized solutions. Two key elements define each Capvest project: a strong architectural signature in connection with its environment and an assertive consideration of sustainability.

Our philosophy


We want to develop the real estate of tomorrow through ambitious projects, with a view to creating value and sustainability.


With a high level of requirement and always with a view to creating sustainable value, Groupe Capvest supports investors in the real estate sector in Switzerland and abroad in the development of their project, the management of their assets, and by providing them with tailor-made real estate advice

Our values

Our group identifies and expresses itself on a daily basis through different values:

  • Creativity and value creation, in the development of new projects, but also in asset management.
  • The expertise, thanks to a qualified team that has been evolving in the real estate sector for many years.
  • Sustainability,with the desire to offer a better world of tomorrow to new generations, by creating responsible and sustainable buildings.
  • Realism and pragmatism, because we must carry out projects in all conscience to make effective operational decisions adapted to each situation.
  • Innovation,by choosing unique solutions and by adopting an agility that allows us to constantly adapt to the different situations encountered in each of our real estate projects.
  • The constitution of a solid partnership,by resonating with our employees the notions of trust and efficiency.
  • A particular architectural signaturethat reveals our creativity and the desire to deploy a sophisticated and elegant urban footprint.

Presentation of the different subsidiaries of the group


Founded in 2001 by Magid Khoury, Capvest Advisors SA is the central pillar of the Capvest Group. The company offers a wide range of real estate services, including investment, promotion, and management of diversified real estate portfolios.

Based in Geneva, Capvest Advisors SA has been able to evolve throughout the swiss market by offering ever more innovative and daring concepts. Today, the company manages a real estate portfolio of more than CHF 700 million of residential and commercial objects in Switzerland.

Capvest Advisors SA is also currently active in the healthcare market, with the development of its Capvest Healthcare platform. The platform is entirely dedicated to the healthcare real estate sector and offers a full range of services to investors and operators in the healthcare sector.

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Capwood Advisors Inc., a Canadian subsidiary of Capvest Group, specializes in the acquisition, development, financing, restructuring and management of real estate in North America. Based in Montreal, the team of specialists is led by Denis Epoh. She has solid experience in land acquisition and development, valuation of real estate investments and property management on her own account and for institutional third parties.

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CapvestAdvis LDA, the Portuguese subsidiary of the Capvest Group, operates in development, real estate investment and project management in Portugal. Based in Lisbon, our team of local experts selects and analyzes real estate investment opportunities and manages projects, from architectural design to final realization.

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Magid Khoury, founder and CEO of the Capvest Group, created Ehden Philanthropic Fund in 2017. The Fund is actively involved in the fight against social and economic injustices, by financially supporting associations such as Let’s build my school, Au cœur des grottes, Make a Wish or Sesobel. It also supports humanitarian projects and solidarity actions.

Ehden Philanthropic Fund, hosted by the Swiss Philanthropy Foundation, is active mainly in Switzerland, Lebanon, Senegal and Burkina Faso.

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